Hygiene concept & rules einstein boulder hall

Dear einstein community,

finally we can welcome you again. Due to the current hygiene regulation we open the entire bouldergym and our CrossFit Boxes. In order to uphold all hygiene regulations and to reduce infection we need your help!

By entering our location you agree to having read and accepted all hygiene rules in order to protect yourself and others.

Hygiene rules- please show your understanding

  1. Keep 1,5m distance between yourself and all others
  2. Check in and Check out is mandatory
  3. Desinfect or wash your hands upon entering
  4. Showers can only be used one person at a time
  5. Check in and Check out is mandatory
  6. Use chalk, we, preferably liquid
  7. Sneeze in your elbow and away from others
  8. If possible pay with card
  9. If you have any illness symptoms please do not enter the location
  10. Follow the markings in the entrance way and signs in the shop and restroom area
  11. Only one person per restroom at a time and please wash your hands thoroughly

We know that these rules may restrict you. We ask for your understanding and are excited to see all of you again.

Your einstein team